Potato wedges with skins on

Temperatuur icoon
450 grams - 5 kg


Carefully selected high-grade potatoes are the foundations for Quik’s pre-cooked unseasoned potato products. We must stress that we don’t use any preserving agents, aromas, colourant or flavourings. We don’t even add salt to these products. So, the result is a healthy product with an authentic, traditional flavour.

These pre-cooked potato wedges can be cooked in several ways. As well as boiling them or heating them in the microwave, you can fry the wedges in a frying pan or a deep-fryer or roast them in the oven – all these methods will produce a lovely, crispy finish. Moreover, the wedges can be supplied as a fully cooked product, so they can be used without further preparation in salads, etc. And for hot dishes, you only need to heat the wedges through. If you want to add more variety to this range of cooking methods, try marinating the wedges for a unique product with an individual flavour!


12-14 min.
10-12 min.
1 min. per 100 gram (750 W)
4-6 min.