Quik's teelt alleen de beste kwaliteit aardappelen

Core values

The world has changed a great deal since Hendrik Quik founded our company in 1932. However, one thing has always remained the same: consumers want to enjoy natural, fresh and (above all!) tasty products. Quik’s Quality Potatoes combines more than 80 years of “hands-on” experience in the potato industry with a refreshing view of production and logistics. Due to the far-reaching branches of our suppliers’ network, we always have a supply of high-grade potatoes. Our work is founded on our own DNA and the core values we hope to express:

Choose Quik’s for consistent high quality. We work with specially selected farmers so that we know exactly how, where and by whom the potatoes were grown. In addition, we use one variety of potato for manufacturing our chilled potato products and specialities all year round, so we can eliminate large differences in flavour and colour. Due to our own design of in-house washing process, the potatoes have special visual appeal. Obviously, we comply with the highest standards (BRC, SKAL, IFS, GlobalGAP, GMP+) so we can promise our clients in retail, food service and the food industry clearly that our products have more to offer.

Our staff combine passion for our products with years of experience. Quik’s is a close-knit family business with very dedicated staff, which means that commitment is entrenched at all levels of the organisation. We have consciously chosen for long-term partnerships with our suppliers and our customers. Helping find solutions – your vision becomes our vision too, as it were – is always part of the service.

Quik’s never hesitates to invest in innovation and optimisation of the production processes. We have ample processing capacity and prefer to choose sustainable technologies. Our potatoes travel along an efficient, tightly-run course, during which traditional selection methods go hand-in-hand with automatic chopping, frying and/or pre-cooking processes. And what about our packaging? We spend just as much love and attention to that too!

If you are not looking for “just another” partner, but rather a partner who considers the options with you, if you need s specific degree of “doneness” or a particular size or special packaging, please remember that Quik’s is familiar with all industries and sectors. As a consequence, we know what motivates you (and your customers) and we can respond flexibly to shifting wishes and demands, for instance, if there is a sudden demand for new products or if the logistic process needs to be adjusted. At Quik’s, all your suggestions are open to negotiation!

Innovation is one of our major priorities. Although “the potato” is often regarded as a traditional product, our R&D Department have demonstrated, time and again, that surprising innovations are possible. Moreover, years of experience in food service mean that we are able to convert our culinary innovations to a retail concept very quickly, so you can profit directly from the latest trends and developments in eating.