Natural baby potatoes (25-38 mm)

Temperatuur icoon
2 kg - 5 kg


Carefully selected high-grade potatoes are the foundations for Quik’s pre-cooked unseasoned potato products. We must stress that we don’t use any preserving agents, aromas, colourant or flavourings. We don’t even add salt to these products. So, the result is a healthy product with an authentic, traditional flavour.

These (unsalted) baby potatoes are extremely suitable for heating by frying them in a pan, although these babies taste good when cooked in other ways too. They can be boiled or heated through in the microwave. As a result, you can serve the same product in lots of different ways. And if you marinate the baby potatoes before you fry them, you can add even more flavour.


12-14 min.
10-12 min.
1 min. per 100 gram (750 W)