Halved boiling potatoes

Temperatuur icoon
450 grams - 700 grams - 5 kg


Carefully selected high-grade potatoes are the foundations for Quik’s pre-cooked unseasoned potato products. We must stress that we don’t use any preserving agents, aromas, colourant or flavourings. We don’t even add salt to these products. So, the result is a healthy product with an authentic, traditional flavour.

These pre-cooked potatoes, ready for the pan, can be on the table in next to no time! Although they are great boiled, these potatoes are also extremely suitable for cutting and then frying in a frying pan. These potatoes make great mash too! To sum up: there are plenty of options for amazing potato dishes to add to your hot meal!


12-14 min.
1 min. per 100 gram (750 W)